Perfect M43 0.95 Cine & Photo Lens

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Accurate placement, well-handled symmetry, the perfect blend of subject, theme and composition, enhanced with the mastery of light, resolution and hues, and coupled with a dab of creative innovation - it takes more than a click, for masterpieces to born.

That’s the power of 0.95 – Precision beyond Perfection.

Cine-0.95 is an excellent choice for modern age photographers and cinematographers, equally catering to the technical intricacies of all photographic genres alike and hence handy and compatible, to complement all SLR variants.
Cine-0.95 is the most spontaneous SLR lens with maximum aperture width evaluated through the least T-stop magnitude, and the shallowest depth at the aperture opening; the characteristic combine and cumulate to make cine0.95 a lens, producing an image quality beyond the perceptive capacity of naked human eye, and capturing high resolution stills and motions, in night and day modes alike.


The super-precise focus control makes it all-the-more handy and instantaneous for travel, fashion and cine photographers, to steer control of time and motion, caging it all with eleven aperture blades and geared-driven focus and zoom that extends to a range beyond 17cm (0.59 ft), bringing the most distant objects within your photographic reach and fitting them well within your defined gridlines.



FZeros cine 0.95 is your magic tool to locate and establish interesting foregrounds within your grid, play with the sharpness, evolve a perspective, experiment with lighting, descend or ascend with field depths, control the contrasts and invoke isolation to give birth to a masterpiece to speak for itself about your photographic mastery and sheer professionalism.

Picturesque Outputs Fantasy Meets Reality

The output is so close to perfection that only competes with the natural retinal image formed inside the human eye. The lightning fast shutter speed, coupled with the fluidity of light, the floating element of shadows and contrasting hues, along with the customized engraving and bokeh effects, and also counting in the vignettes and distortion features for post click touch ups, Cine 0.95 is your combo package for a perfectly shot masterpiece that barely needs post-shot touch up.



The avant-garde dynamics of its focus gear enable a 355 degree approach to the 360 degree reality, invoking a futuristic panoramic characteristic and bringing it closer than ever to form a photographic masterpiece.

Model:  FZeros 25mm T0.95 Master Prime
Mount:   M 4/3
Focal Length:   25mm
Maximum Aperture:   T / 0.95
Minimum Aperture:  T / 16
Lens Construction:  9 Groups 11 Elements
Angel of View:   47.3°
Aperture Blades:   11
Minimum Focus:  0.59ft / 17cm
Macro Ratio:   1 : 3.9
Filter Size:  46mm
Size:   90mm Dia. x 120mm H
Hood FH-M77A Provided
Weight:   640g

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